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  • Mockery: Mock Return Value Provider Function With Multiple Values

    Posted on Oct 03, 2018

    If you've ever written a test in golang, chances are you've used the testify package to make writing tests a breeze. An immensely useful extension of that is the mockery package, which gives you the ability to autogenerate testify mocks for interfaces with ease.

  • Intermittent Connection/High Packet Loss with Intel Wireless Driver iwlwifi - Ubuntu/Linux NetworkManager

    Posted on Feb 01, 2018

    I recently moved into some co-working space and I immediately had issues with the internet connection. My connection would be intermittent and would frequently drop; sometimes I had hours of uninterrupted connectivy, at other times it wouldn't last more than a few seconds without dropping completely. I had no issues with any other wifi network at home, in offices or in public.

  • Laravel Bug: Eloquent firstOrCreate() Broken With $casts Model Attribute

    Posted on Nov 09, 2017

    There's a bug with Eloquent's firstOrCreate() function where it doesn't work with the $casts attribute on the model; it will always either insert a new instance into the database or give a MySQL duplicate entry error.

  • Wordpress/WooCommerce HTTPS/SSL - Broken URLs

    Posted on Jul 23, 2015

    I've just come across a pretty horrendous issue with the Wordpress plugin WooCommerce which appears to affect versions of the plugin from 2.3 to 2.3.13 and can bring down your whole site.. Click above to read more.

  • Laravel to October CMS: The Differences (Part 3)

    Posted on Jun 12, 2015

    So last time we discovered that the C of our beloved MVC has gone. But given that we no longer have a routes.php file and all of the models are kept in plugins, it wasn't going to be able to work in the traditional Laravel way anyway. Click to read more.